Volunteer Guidelines

When it’s your turn to tend the garden, here’s what we’d like you do:

  1. Water – Follow the email instructions you received about how to turn on the irrigation system.  If you did not receive the instructions, contact friendsoflorinstation@gmail.com.
  2. Weed – Pull weeds. 
  3. Remove Litter – Please collect and dispose of any debris that may have accumulated in the planters.
  4. Report Problems – Let Jennifer Cogley (jcogley@cityofberkeley.info, 510-981-7532) know if you see any special issues (dead plants, broken fence/irrigation system, vandalism, etc.)
  5. Enjoy the Neighborhood – When you are done with your labors, reward yourself with a meal from The Vault, Addie’s Pizza Pie or any other of the restaurants on the block.  Maybe treat yourself with a new book from the Other Change of Hobbit, or invite a friend to join you for some antiquing at Peoples’ Bazaar!  The point is to make use of the gem that is Lorin Station!
  6. Optional – Take “before” and “after” pictures of the site to show off your efforts and share the progress of the garden with the group.  Send your images to friendsoflorinstation@gmail.com and we’ll post them to the website!

Thanks again for your time and support — It makes a difference.


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