Lorin Station Garden Rocks New Fence!

Iris Espiritu, Linda Currie, Deborah Zierten, Jonah Landor Yamagata and Shallon Allen after installing Lorin Station Garden new fence!

Earlier this month volunteers installed a new fence to protect the plantings at the Lorin Station Garden.  The idea is to protect the plants until the become larger and more established.  Some community members were cutting across the garden an inadvertantly injuring the still young native herbs and flowers.  With money provided by the South Berkeley Economic Development Fund from the City of Berkeley — and human power provided by:  Shallon Allen, Ariana Katovich, Linda Currie, Jonah Landor Yamagata, and Iris Espiritu.

Let us know your other ideas to make a difference on Adeline Street!

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2 Responses to Lorin Station Garden Rocks New Fence!

  1. chris says:

    Great work!

    Inspiring work!

    Most importantly, practical work.

  2. I agree with Chris’s comments – and what nice volunteers to get together to help with this project!

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