What a Difference 7 Months Make!

Check out these pictures of the garden … BEFORE …
A bare planter area with mulch and benches

Alcatraz and Adeline, Summer 2010

and AFTER!!

Lush garden, thick with native plants

Alcatraz and Adeline, May 2011

Friends of Lorin Station, your work continues to florish!  Stay tuned for more opportunities to help South Berkeley flower …

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Lorin Station Garden Rocks New Fence!

Iris Espiritu, Linda Currie, Deborah Zierten, Jonah Landor Yamagata and Shallon Allen after installing Lorin Station Garden new fence!

Earlier this month volunteers installed a new fence to protect the plantings at the Lorin Station Garden.  The idea is to protect the plants until the become larger and more established.  Some community members were cutting across the garden an inadvertantly injuring the still young native herbs and flowers.  With money provided by the South Berkeley Economic Development Fund from the City of Berkeley — and human power provided by:  Shallon Allen, Ariana Katovich, Linda Currie, Jonah Landor Yamagata, and Iris Espiritu.

Let us know your other ideas to make a difference on Adeline Street!

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Friends of Lorin Station Arrive!

On 10-10-10 over 70 volunteers came together to plant native grasses and flowers in a long neglected City-owned planter at the corner of Adeline and Alcatraz.  The project was part of a global day of action organized by 350.org to inspire folks on the ground — and folks in positions of power — to take action to roll back green house emissions.

The project was spearheaded by a number of groups including Earth Island Institute‘s Streets Alive! program, The City of Berkeley’s Offices of Neighborhood Services and Economic Development, Kids for the Bay, Berkeley Transition Town and the Adeline Merchants’ Association.

The parameters of the 10-10-10 project were a one-day volunteer activity.  But, as we all know, changing the world takes more than a one-day sprint of back breaking work.  It’s the daily on-going commitments we make to build community and relationships that help to create a new foundation for change.

This site is a “Thank You” to all of the people who helped make this little garden grow.  It’s also a tool to help keep us accountable for the even harder work of nurturing this corner — and this neighborhood — to develop and flourish over time.

We want to give special thanks to:

  • Ariana Katovich, Earth Island Institute
  • Iris Espiritu, Earth Island Institute
  • Laura Fiesel, Earth Island Institute
  • Shallon Allen, City of Berkeley
  • Jennifer Cogley, City of Berkeley
  • Fred and Sandi Herrera, Herrera Properties
  • Jonah Landor-Yamagata, Kids for the Bay
  • Linda Currie, Berkeley Transition Town
  • Victory Lee, Victory Garden Foundation
  • And many more — Let us know if we’ve left someone out!!
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